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Grön Medicin / Green Medicine

Grön Medicin / Green Medicine offers acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine workshops, and tea ceremonies.
I have a special interest in women’s reproductive and gynecological health. Acupuncture and herbs can help with fertility, balancing hormones, regulating periods, pain/discomfort (cystitis, vulvodynia/vulvovestibulit, etc.), milk supply and mastitis (mjölkstockning), menopause, sleep, insomnia, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, exhaustion, restoring vitality, and more.
When the women are strong, their strength radiates.
May this work help you to be in your fullness and beauty!
Please visit my Facebook page for more details on treatments and workshops, or contact me at: amelia@radikalfarm.com.

Treatment space in Stockholm